'Jupiter's Legacy' Was Filmed In Toronto & Ontario


One of Netflix Canada's newest and hottest shows, Jupiter's Legacy, is an intricate and dramatic superhero show that became the world's #1 show on Netflix on Sunday, May 9.

If you've been binging the show and you're wondering where Jupiter's Legacy filming locations were, then wonder no more — the show is jam-packed full of Toronto and Ontario landmarks and here are just a few of the most notable examples.

Rebel Nightclub

Actress Aiza Ntibarikure, who plays Sierra (or Ectoplex) on Jupiter's Legacy, told Narcity the club scene in episode 4 — which almost ends in a fight between Sierra and Chloe — was actually filmed at Rebel, the massive nightclub on Polson Pier. With plenty of neon colours and strobe lights, the interior looks very similar to what you'd expect to find at a Toronto nightclub (minus the superheroes, though).