MRKT360 has been ranked the #1 digital marketing agency in Toronto


CONCORD, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 9, 2021 / -- The Best Toronto, a review site dedicated to critiquing and listing businesses in and around Toronto, has ranked Mrkt360 the best digital marketing agency in the city. Best in Toronto does rigorous market research to determine what products or

services lead in each industry, then pays to try each one out and reviews each accordingly. We’d like to use this space to thank Best in Toronto for recognizing our work and expertise in the digital marketing space. For our firm, this is another milestone we can truly be proud of. Toronto, and the greater Toronto area, is filled with fantastic marketing agencies. To be ranked the best, among all these strong firms and creative agencies, is both an honour and a privilege.

The digital marketing field is extremely competitive and diverse. New technologies, platforms, and developments occur nearly everyday. What makes Mrkt360 successful is that we continue to learn and grow alongside these changes. We adapt to new trends, so our clients don’t have to. We listen to clients, understand their goals, and learn about their audiences. Only then are we able to develop digital strategies which will help to realize a customer’s vision.

From Facebook, to Google, and across YouTube, Mrkt360 has created hundreds of advertising campaigns on the world’s largest online platforms. We are Google Premier Partners and Facebook Partners. These platforms represent the bulk of our advertising work, and have allowed our customers to flourish. However, our SEO work has received high praise as well. Only last week were we ranked as the third best SEO firm in Canada by TopSEOBrands. Whether it’s growing brand awareness, funneling traffic to your online shop or generating thousands of new leads, Mrkt360 has the tools and expertise to guide you.

The review and ranking from Best in Toronto informs us that what we are doing is working. We are humbled by the recognition our work has received, and look forward to being able to serve new and our current clients. The world is an ever changing and dynamic place. It has never been such an exciting time to be in business online. Mrkt360 is here to ensure that not only will your business be a part of this era of online commerce, but that your business will thrive during it.