How effective are the vaccines? Global data suggest they are simply ‘dysfunctional’


(The Pipeline) – Despite the steady drumbeat from the media, government agencies, Big Pharma and the established medical bureaucracies attesting to the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccines, those who remain skeptical of their trustworthiness advance a range of countervailing arguments.

  1. The vaccines are really panaceas, essentially unreliable, innocuous or even useless.
  2. Favorable trial results are statistically manipulated. The Pfizer math is shifty and the “per protocol” method is frankly disingenuous, constituting a violation of bioethics laws.
  3. The vaccines are potentially harmful, yielding dangerous side-effects, aka “adverse reactions,” that are routinely underreported in passive, voluntary sites like VAERS in the U.S. and Yellow Card in the U.K.
  4. Liability immunity: the PREP Act and the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization)) ensure that neither Big Pharma nor the FDA can be sued in the event that the vaccines cause harm, thus creating reasonable suspicion.
  5. The pharmaceutical giants are profiting enormously from the marketing of their product—Pfizer alone projects earnings of $33.5 billion—and rank high in lobbying and advertising budgeting, giving them decisive leverage over politicians and media outlets to enforce the party line.
  6. Major criminal settlement payments totaling in the billions levied against Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson for withholding risks and for dodgy marketing practices are a deeply troubling circumstance.
  7. Since the vaccines are experimental substances still lacking FDA approval, have not been tested for the appropriate minimum of five years or more, and are in reality a form of gene therapy, their long-term effects are unknown.

Adding to what appears to be growing doubt of vaccine efficiency and safety, there have been a surge of cases among the vaccinated, primarily with respect to the Delta variant.

According to reports, COVID cases among the vaccinated are skyrocketing in various countries around the world. Iceland, for example, is 90 per cent fully vaccinated, yet it continues to set new daily case records. The vast majority of Gibraltar’s population is fully vaccinated; notwithstanding, cases are soaring and continue to rise. Sourcing The Washington PostDeseret News writes that Israel, the poster child for a national vaccination program, has seen a significant rise in cases, again among the vaccinated. “Among adults, about 85 percent have been vaccinated which means that Israel’s vaccinated is five times larger than its unvaccinated community.” The jab seems to be dysfunctional.

Of course, as to be expected, both the Post and Deseret twist themselves in knots trying to explain the presumably inexplicable by mobilizing expedients such as “low baselines,” dredging of selective data, re-interpretation of the Israeli prime minister’s worried remarks, and so on. Cases in the U.K. are also spiking among the vaccinated though the mainstream media and the plethora of so-called “fact-checkers” routinely tell us not to worry, the cases are mild, are somehow caused by the assumedly infectious unvaccinated (which is nonsense given that the vaccinated are supposedly immune), or compare favorably with previous case numbers, etc. But the simple fact remains that cases are mounting among the vaccinated and they cannot be so easily explained away.

In several recent articles and editorials, most recently on The Pipeline, I referred to acclaimed French virologist and Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier, whose skepticism about the vaccine rollout is actually more than skepticism. It’s alarm. Montagnier fears that the vaccines and viral variants are intimately related, owing to a condition called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), a phenomenon in which viral antibodies may cause viral replication. As his research indicates, “variants will continue to proliferate as a direct result of the vaccines themselves.” On cue, Alpha, Beta and Gamma variants have appeared in the U.K., South Africa and Brazil. We now have a Lambda variant in Peru. The Greek alphabet may eventually be exhausted.