Businesses cry foul over Toronto restaurant turned ghost kitchen


Relationships have soured between a trio of food businesses and a restaurant on Toronto’s waterfront, where chefs have reported being left in the lurch by the owner of Loch & Quay.

Since January, three businesses have taken to social media in a public fallout with Loch & Quay owner Ryan Mungal.

None of the business owners involved wanted to go on record about the matter, but Mexican food company Tenaz and burger business Keto Food Co. have made public statements on Instagram and Facebook about being left clamouring for kitchen space after suddenly losing their space at Loch & Quay.

Earlier in March, Chen Chen’s Hot Chicken also reported on Instagram having to move out of the shared space due to “unforseen circumstances and unexpected construction.”

Chef Chen Chen has since opened his own brick-and-mortar on West Queen West, taking over the old Convenience bar space with his menu of fried chicken. Tenaz and Keto Food Co. have not been so lucky.

Tenaz owner Celia Nelson and Keto owner Michael Hay have both hit Instagram and the public Facebook group Food and Wine Industry Navigator about their ongoing search for permanent spaces since leaving Loch & Quay, which has been pivoting into an experimental ghost kitchen format since the summer.

“Showed up for work today to discover there is suddenly no space for us in our shared kitchen any longer,” said Nelson in a post on April 18.

“We just had our busiest day ever, and now have to pack up our operations. But we’re not giving up so easily.”