7 Casual Dating Tips


Have you ever considered casual dating? For starters, it is a great way to meet new people and ease loneliness without the pressure of long-term commitments.

When casual dating, you tend to spend quality time with someone you like and are looking to know more about, but there is no commitment or exclusivity between you both. Additionally, you may choose to keep your options open simultaneously despite having a strong emotional and physical connection with someone you’re dating casually.

A lot of times, people who casual date, engage in lots of activities together which are best suited for those in serious relationships. However, with casual dating, there are no obligations between the both of you.

While there are lots of benefits to casual dating, it’s not always that straightforward. More often than not, things can get complicated, especially when either party isn’t clear on what they want or why they’re casual dating in the first place. Here are some useful tips to help you get the most out of casual dating while ensuring you’re both on the same page.

1. Keep your options open

One of the main advantages of casual dating is being able to meet other people simultaneously. So, don’t be afraid to strike conversations with someone you find attractive, be it at a bar, supermarket, or even on an online platform like Wizzgirl.com.

Casual dating allows you to always have the freedom to search for someone new, so when things eventually fade out with your current partner, you’d still have a list of other potential dates to choose from.

2. Always be honest

The most important rule in casual dating is practising honesty and disclosing your intentions beforehand. Doing this eliminates every uncertainty and awkward situations that may arise when you start dating someone new.

Be sure to discuss what your dos and don’ts are during the duration of your relationship. Other things such as dating goals and boundaries should also be discussed.

3. Set aside time for yourself

For most people, casual dating is an escape from loneliness, but everyone needs some alone time.

While going on multiple dates might seem like a lot of fun initially, it can easily burn you out and make you reluctant to go on further dates. So, it is advisable to create some time for yourself to relax and engage in other things you enjoy.

4. Decide on the sex rule

One popular misconception about casual dating is that it is mostly about sex, which is typically not the case.

For some, casual dating is one way to enjoy sex without any emotional attachments or commitments. Therefore, every meetup with someone that you have strong physical chemistry with can end in a bedroom romp without any grave consequences.

However, if you are the type that can’t engage in “casual sex”, it is necessary to keep it that way and make this clear to your partner. Most sex therapists and relationship counsellors advice that sexual abstinence be observed while causal dating to avoid triggering unwarranted feelings.

5. Prioritize your health

Your health is very important whether you’re dating casually or seriously. Therefore, if you’re the type that wants to have casual dates to satisfy sexual urges without any attachments, it is necessary to always protect yourself using condoms and other preventive methods.

Having yourself tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases would also keep you informed of your sexual health.

6. Be respectful

There’s the tendency that you’ll meet a lot of people with different personalities, behaviours and attitudes while casual dating. Always remember to treat everyone with kindness and respect, even if you don’t have feelings for them.

Respect their time, uphold boundaries and keep to commitments even when you’ve found someone better. Rather than ignoring them or acting all rude, be honest and let them know what your thoughts towards them are—especially when you don’t intend to see them again.

Also, if you ever develop feelings for them, you can be honest about it but don’t expect them to reciprocate.

7. Don’t ghost your partner

Never assume that a casual dating partner is insignificant. Leaving your partner without proper communication because there was no chemistry between you both is very harsh.

Ghosting can throw your partner into confusion, causing them a lot of stress as they might keep wondering what went wrong, or if something bad might have happened to you.

If you’re no longer interested in dating someone, it is best to communicate that clearly to them. A physical meetup is best but where that isn’t possible, a proper phone call or text letting them know about your decision is way better than doing nothing at all.