Cara Delevingne admits her sexuality changes all the time like a 'pendulum swinging'


Cara Delevingne admits the way she describes her sexuality constantly changes.

The model, 28, described it as being like a "pendulum swinging" but says she's now much more comfortable with her sexuality than ever before.

She admits that she used to "self-shame" because of her sexuality but insists she can finally embrace who she really is.

Cara spoke with Josh Smith on a Pride episode of podcast Make It Reign and said: "The way I define myself still changes all the time, whether it's pansexual, bisexual - I don't really know.

"It's like a pendulum swinging, but almost now I feel far more comfortable being bisexual than I used to.

"I've kind of felt because I was lacking in my desire for women or love for women that I kind of just went one way and now it changes a lot more."

In the past, the model has been romantically linked with Paris Jackson, musician St. Vincent, actress Michelle Rodriguez, Jake Bugg and Harry Styles.

And now she has revealed that she feels "a lot more free" as she used to think that being gay came with "self-shaming".

Cara announced last year that she identified as pansexual, an orientation that is defined as "sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity".

During her chat with Josh, the star continued: "I'm (now) taking pride in my sexual identity. I'm taking pride in my sexuality."