The Best Museums in Calgary


Calgary is a city with a long and tumultuous past.  From the indigenous people who first lived here to ranchers and eventually to today's tech hub, this area has worn many different hats.

So whether you're looking at Calgary homes for sale and want to get to know the area better, or you’ve lived here forever and want to revisit old favorites: these are the best museums in town!

Glenbow Museum

This art and history museum focuses on regional artifacts and information that has to do with Western Canada.  Discussing everything from both indigenous and immigrant points of view, this sixty-year-old museum goes into depth on why the city is how it is... and what brought us here.  Just across the street from the Calgary tower, this museum is a must-see spot for anyone visiting the area.  

Telus Spark Science Centre

A science museum, Telus Spark has interactive exhibits, fun presentations, and educational demonstrations that appeal to visitors of any age.  This museum is newer, just turning ten years old in October of 2021, yet posts almost 500,000 visitors a year.  If you want to learn and find out more about the natural world around us, this is a fantastic museum to stop and see!

Gasoline Alley Museum

We all have someone in our family that’s wild about classic cars.  Gasoline Alley Museum offers the chance to walk amongst some of the rarest vehicles in collections, from antiques to modern cars, and discusses Calgary's place in the oil industry.  Although you can't touch most of the cars, except for a couple that are there for photos and posing, there's a lot to learn here, and by the time you leave, you may be a little car crazy too!

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Canada knows what it's doing when it comes to sports!  This hall of fame celebrates athletes who have done everything from professional hockey to amateur skateboarding.  Located on Olympic Road, there are artifacts from past Canadian Olympics and information on current Olympic athletes.  Every step is another athlete to learn about, and it's thrilling to see them all in one place.

Heritage Park Historical Village

Heritage Park Historical Village is a 127-acre park on the banks of Glenmore Reservoir.  As Canada's second-largest living historical park, it walks you through the past of Canada and how people used to live in this area.  The employees to do the reenactments are a lot of fun to talk to while they're in character, and it's fascinating to see history come to life before your eyes.

Calgary is an old city, and it's gained its place in history, which it proves through its dozens of museums.  Every location you stop in will dazzle and surprise you, and those who educate in these museums are passionate about the work they do.  If you have a week or even a weekend in Calgary, then consider stopping in at each of these museums.  You'll learn enough that you'll fall in love with the city too!